How To Set Up Your Own Bug-Out Bag

If you're the type of person who is really into survival gear, then you understand the importance of having a bug-out bag at your disposal. It can mean the difference between getting stuck in a bad situation and being able to escape to safety. When the time comes, you don't want to have to stick around searching frantically for something that should be immediately available. A bug-out bag is something that you stick in the back of your closet or somewhere else where it easily available. Here's what you need to build your own.

Waterproof Collapsible Bag

The essential item is the bag. You want a bag that is both collapsible and also water proof. A waterproof duffle bag is the best choice. Avoid any bag that is hard shelled and not flexible. It's also essential that the bag be waterproof so that the contents stay dry no matter what the emergency.

Flashlight and Utility Knife

Always have a flashlight and utility knife in the bag. You never know what sort of situation will arise, so it's essential that you have a flashlight. There are situations when the electricity will go out, and you might need to use a flashlight to make your way around. The utility knife is also essential. Get one that has a small pliers and screwdrivers. This will provide you with the basic tools you might need in a pinch and eliminate the need for a small tool box. Make sure that the knife has both a Philips and flat-head screwdriver.

Protein Bars

You will also need to stock up on a selection of protein bars. These provide emergency calories. There are situations where you won't be able to cook, and it's important that you have a source of calories. Protein bars are perfect because they are sealed and don't need to be cooked. You can get a selection of different flavors and have them in the bag for when you and your family need to get out.

Emergency Water Containers

The most important item you need to have is an emergency water container. Water is vital for life and you don't want to be stuck somewhere without water to drink. You should get small emergency water containers and keep them in your bug out bag. Then, when an emergency arises, you can fill them and quickly evacuate the area. One cool idea is to get a large emergency water container and keep it in your truck. This will eliminate the need to fill the smaller emergency water bottles. You can just fill them at your leisure from the larger water strage container that you keep in your truck once you reach a safe destination. Companies like WaterBrick International can give you more information about emergency water storage.

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