4 Things To Look For In A Long-Term Water Storage Container

As unrest grows in the world, people are beginning to focus on emergency preparation. In case of an emergency, the number-one supply everyone needs is water. If public water supplies are compromised, you need to know that you and your family will have safe, clean water to drink. You can make sure this need is met by storing water yourself. Water storage containers make it easy to bottle and store water for as long as you need. Here are four things you should look for when purchasing long-term water storage containers:

1. They are made from non-leaching material

Plastic is made from various petrochemicals. Some of these chemicals have the ability to leach into substances they come into contact with. Storing water in plastic containers that leach chemicals is a poor choice because some of these chemicals can cause health problems in humans. When choosing a water storage container, choose containers made from materials that will not leach into the liquid. Glass is safe, but it tends to be expensive. Plastic is an economical choice. Look for water storage containers that do not contain bisphenol A, sometimes abbreviated as BPA.

2. They are large

If you're storing water in case of an emergency, it's prudent to have at least two weeks' worth of water ready. This can be a lot of water, especially if you're storing enough water for an entire household of people. You need water storage containers that are large enough to contain the quantities you need. Look for water storage containers that will hold several gallons of water.

3. They are easy to store

Long-term water storage containers are designed to be filled and saved until they're needed. This means they will be sitting in your house or garage for an extended period of time. Make sure you choose containers that are easy to live with. Easy-to-store containers are especially important if you live in an apartment or a small home where space is limited. Look for containers manufactured in shapes that are easy to stack so you can utilize vertical space in your home.

4. They don't affect the taste of your water

Ideally, water should be tasteless and refreshing. Unfortunately, water can take on a stale flavor depending on the way it was stored. When searching for water storage containers, look for varieties that do not add unwanted flavors to your water. High-quality storage containers are made from plastics that don't degrade over time so they will not change the taste of your water.

Contact a long-term water storage container supplier to learn about your options.

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