How To Choose High Quality Organic Dairy Ingredients

The concept of organic produce is relatively simple: grow crops without pesticides or synthetic chemicals of any kind. Organic dairy ingredients are a little bit more complicated, though, because the way the cows are raised determines whether or not the milk they produce is organic. From there, manufacturers can't add synthetic ingredients to their organic dairy products either. Although the creation of organic dairy products is somewhat complicated, the resulting products are considered healthier, safer, and generally superior to their non-organic counterparts. When you choose organic dairy ingredients to use in your recipes, consider the following details.

Certified Organic, Not Just Natural

Although many dairy products try to look as healthy and natural as possible, they aren't all created equal. Some product labels include words like "natural," farm-raised," or "free-range." Although these terms look promising, they don't have any specific meaning. When you want to use real organic dairy ingredients, look for the label "USDA certified organic" specifically. This label means that the cows that produced the dairy products have been fed organic feed and haven't been given artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. These products are tightly regulated so you can trust that you will always get superior dairy ingredients when you choose ones that are labeled as organic.

Ingredients From Grass-Fed Cows

Not all organic dairy animals are treated in the same way. Although the USDA does require that animals that produce organic products have access to natural environments, some cows that produce organic milk eat large amounts of grain-based feed. Although the grain in this feed is organic, it isn't as good for the cows as grass. When cows eat grass instead of grain, they are healthier. They generally get more exercise and are kept in pastures rather than confined in feedlots. The milk from grass-fed cows is also healthier than the milk from grain-fed cows because it contains higher levels of beneficial fatty acids.

Minimal Ingredient Processing

In order to preserve all of the nutritional benefits of the organic, grass-fed dairy products you purchase, look for products that have been minimally processed. Dairy ingredients should be made with whole milk wherever possible to preserve the beneficial fatty acids they contain. Although ingredients like cheese, yogurt, and sour cream do have to be processed, try to find versions of these products that have been processed as simply as possible. Choosing mild cheddar cheese over-processed American cheese is one way to limit processing without dramatically changing the flavor profile of a recipe.

To learn more, contact an organic dairy ingredient supplier in your area.

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