Three Types Of Pecan Halves To Buy

While the average person may shop for small pecan halves at their local supermarket, it's ideal to place an order through a food supplier if you need to frequently buy a large volume of these nuts. For example, if you fun a food-based business or you plan to resell the nuts that you buy, placing wholesale orders for pecan halves will make the most financial sense. When you identify a few food suppliers, it's a good idea to browse their websites to see what types of pecan halves they sell. There may be times that you wish to order different options, so it's ideal to choose a supplier that carries a wide range of these nuts. Here are some types that you may find.

Raw Pecans

You'll often find food suppliers that carry raw pecan halves. This means that the pecans haven't been roasted or otherwise cooked. When you're thinking about resale, it's important to consider that people who will buy their pecans from you will want them for different purposes. A lot of people favor raw pecans for their health benefits. For example, someone who tries to keep their sodium intake low will favor these nuts over nuts that are salted. Raw pecans can also be ideal for several different types of baking.

Roasted Pecans

Roasted pecan halves are another pecan product that you may want to order from your food supplier. As their name suggests, these are nuts that have gone through a roasting process, which will often make them a little darker in color. Typically, roasting brings out more flavor from the nuts, which many people enjoy. While some people will use the roasted pecan halves that they buy for you for cooking, others might simply snack on these nuts because of their tasty flavor.

Salted Pecans

You'll also find salted pecan halves from your food supplier. These will typically be roasted, too, but this detail is always important to check. Salted pecan halves excel as a snack food, rather than for baking. A lot of people will enjoy the salty taste of these nuts whether they're on their own or mixed with other salted nuts. You may find a supplier that has different salt options — for example, some may use conventional salt, while others may use sea salt. Sea salt offers numerous healthy minerals, which can make this option a good choice. Contact a food supplier to learn more about its wholesale small pecan halves.

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