Tips For Serving Empanadas At A Wedding Reception

If you're looking for food to serve at your wedding reception that is a little bit exotic but easy to eat, consider empanadas. Since there are so many different types of empanadas, they are sure to please everyone on your guest list. 

Empanadas are a type of Spanish turnover and are either baked or fried. They feature a wide range of fillings, from sweet to savory, and feature everything from meat to chocolate. They're very versatile in that you can request any type of filing, as well as a mix of several different kinds that you can serve buffet-style during an event.

Featuring flaky dough outside and a soft and flavorful inside, empanadas are ideal for serving at a wedding reception as guests can easily walk around and visit with each other as they are enjoying their food. Empanadas also work well as part of a plated formal dinner and even dessert if they have a sweet filling. 

When creating your reception menu, take any of your guests' dietary concerns into consideration and order the appropriate empanadas. In addition to traditional meat fillings, you can include some with meat or dairy-free fillings for the vegetarians and vegans in the crowd. 

Here are some additional tips for serving empanadas at your wedding reception:

1. Order Them in Bulk 

In order to make your life easier in the days leading up to the wedding reception, consider ordering the empanadas in bulk from a wholesale retailer. You may even end up saving money since you won't have to buy the ingredients yourself. 

The empanadas will come either fresh or frozen, and you can just heat and serve them on the big day. You can order them from either an online retailer or from a local eatery, depending on what's available.

2. Decide on the Course

Since empanadas are such a versatile food, you can serve them for either appetizers, lunch, dinner, or late-night snacks. If you choose to serve them on their own, place them on serving platters that are clearly labeled with the type, and allow guests to pick their favorites. They'll be ideal alone, or alongside fresh salads or bowls of soup.

If the empanadas are part of a plated lunch or dinner, choose a few complementary side dishes, such as grilled vegetables or Spanish rice. Some empanada filling ideas include sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella, pulled pork, black bean and pepper jack cheese, chicken and rice, and spinach and feta.  

Contact a company that sells wholesale empanadas for more info. 

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